Erasmus+ Programme


Lycée Raymond Loewy has a number of longstanding partners across Europe (Germany, the United kingdom or Poland) and professional links abroad (Burkina Faso, Sweden and Finland) .
We are a secondary school that, nevertheless, offers higher education programmes in Applied Arts and Design : 4 two-year vocational (DNMADE) and one four-year programme (DSAA).

The management and teaching staff are fully aware of the asset it represents for design students to benefit from an international experience. It is especially crucial for our students, who are in this respect underprivileged. That’s why the school has been willing to develop its mobility policy.
We started by developing outgoing traineeship mobility for our DSAA students.
We are committed to offering them multidisciplinary classes and all-English workshops, that aim at strengthening their command of English, so that they become confident and proficient enough for outgoing mobility. As such mobility obviously results in developing linguistic and professional skills, we are now determined to extend such experience to our DNMADE students.

Engagement in the Erasmus+ programme means a lot of opportunities so far unheard of for a school like ours. It will help us to not only broaden the experience of outgoing traineeship mobility but also to extend partnerships with a view to establishing incoming and outgoing mobility on mutual terms.

Erasmus+ programme : charte ERASMUS